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Thank you your purchase of Macro product. Your appliance is warranted against faulty design, workmanship, or materials for a period of (12) months unless otherwise stated, subjected to the following terms and conditions here in below:

1. The appliance shall be used solely for domestic purposes and not for any other purpose whatsoever and strictly in accordance with the instruction for operation as provided by the manufacturer of the appliance.

2. The buyer shall within seven (7) days of purchase send the application form duly completed to us for registration.

3. If during the Warranty period any part or parts of the appliance is or are removed, altered, tampered, adjusted, modified, dismantled, damaged through misuse, human negligence, normal wear and tear or exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity, repaired or handled in any way whatsoever by any person or persons not authorized by us; this warranty shall immediately ceased to be valid.

4. There shall be no alteration, defacement and removal of any kind of the serial number and model number on the appliance.

5. Our decision on all questions relating to complaints as to defects either of workmanship or of materials shall be conclusive and the buyer shall agree to abide by such a decision. Any appliance of defective parts that have been replaced shall become our property.

6. In the event that this appliance is removed from the Republic Of Singapore, this warranty shall ceased to be valid.

7. The buyer shall produce sufficient documentary proof of purchase and warranty certificate of the applicance to our satisfaction. This warranty shall not be transferable, negotiable or assignable to third party.

8. Upon the expiry of the Warranty period, or in any events where the customer is unable to produce a valid warranty certificate or original proof of purchase, service charges and spare parts cost will be applicable. This warranty certificate will not be re-issued.

9. The buyer is required to bring the appliance to and from the Customer Service Centre whenever service is needed. No outdoor service is provided unless otherwise stated.

10. Outdoors service is applicable for the following: Colour Television (21 inch and above), Refrigerator, Chest Freezer, Water Heater, Air Conditioner and Washing Machine.

11. Transportation costs are not included during the warranty period for the following: Tuning of Colour Television, Adjustment of fridge temperature, Demonstration on use of washing machine, Checking of piping or Electrical connection of water heater.

12. This warranty does not cover high charge that might involve manpower to extract the appliance / set from high and risky area. We shall impose additional charges accordingly. (Service may not be rendered if risk factor is too high). No charge will be imposed if appliance is brought down to ground level by the buyer.

13. Upon assessment by our technicians, improper or misuse of the appliance, warranty will be void and any service rendered will be charged accordingly.

14. We will inform the buyer on the status (repaired or non-repairable) of this appliance. After which, the buyer must collect this appliance from our Customer Service Centre within three (3) months. If this appliance is not collected within the stipulated period; it will be disposed off. We are not liable for any loss after disposal.

15. This warranty coverage does not apply an any events from acts of god, fire, and civil unrest.

16. All handheld remote controls, batteries, earphones, filters, inter-connectors, knobs, cables/cord assembly, antennae, adaptors, front panel, cover, lens, plugs, sockets and accessories do not come with a warranty.

17. Demonstration, teaching, and educating on the usage of appliance is not covered in the warranty.